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Where to stay in Porto

The best areas to stay in Porto - if you’re travelling with friends or partner - are Ribeira, Baixa and Bonfim . You can easily walk to all parts of the city. The most family friendly neighbourhoods are Boavista and Foz. The streets are wider, the buildings are modern, and it is easier to find accommodation with a garage.


Part of UNESCO Heritage sites, this is one of our favourite neighbourhoods. Perfect for those who want to enjoy nice dinners by night and stroll around the picturesque colourful waterfront promenade by day, Ribeira is where you can find excellent restaurants and an incredible atmosphere with the Douro River as company.


The most central district, set between two hills, the downtown of Porto is where we can find the famous Torre dos Clérigos, the magical Lello Bookstore and the beautiful São Bento train station. Great for shopping, this area is filled with bars and restaurants and offers the perfect ambience for a buzzing nightlife.


A calm neighbourhood where you can find less tourists and more locals, this is where you will experience a laid back vibe away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. If you enjoy a little peace and quiet with authentic feel, this is the place to be.


A classy district with a great offer of trendy restaurants and top accomodations, this area is perfect for business travelers. Here is where you can find the contemporary art museum Serralves and enjoy spectacular architecture. Away from the city centre, it will fill your soul if you're looking for a posh location.


A very pleasant district with beautiful houses and great restaurants . Foz do Douro gets its name from its geographical location at the mouth of the Douro: this is where the river meets the sea. Peaceful and aside from the city buzz, this ancient fisherman village turned into a lovely area where you can find the best beaches.

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Discover Porto

Although small, Porto is a charming destination with a wide range of things to do and landmarks to gaze at. Portugal’s second biggest city is worth visiting not only because of its wine cellars, and cuisine, but also because of its traditional architecture, surf beaches, and people.

Known for its terracotta roofs and beautifully painted tiles, Porto’s comfortable scale allows tourists to choose from a myriad of activities and to easily visit the surrounding locations such as Guimarães, the Douro vineyards, or the Peneda-Gerês National Park.
Porto was once an affluent port town, with wine barrels traveling on typical boats up and down the Douro river. Today, the Ribeira neighbourhood is a truly romantic sight with soft yellow lights glittering on its peaceful banks, but its merchant energy and restlessness still float inside the locals character. Because of this legacy and authenticity, it is no surprise that Porto has won Best Destination Prizes over the past few years and has become a preferred destination among tourists. Visit it and we're sure it will win your heart too.

What to do in Porto

Uncover the hidden gems that will transform the typical city break into the trip of a lifetime. Check out our suggestions from an insider perspective and enjoy the days in Porto with a local feeling.

Go to a concert at Casa da Música

Designed by Rem Koolhaas, the building of bold modern architecture is very impressive. This masterpiece of intriguing geometry promises an unforgettable musical experience. You can purchase a ticket here.

Eat a Francesinha at Café Santiago

When it comes to Francesinha, the debate is neverending. The options are endless in the city but this is the only Portuguese representative in the restricted list of the 50 Best Sandwiches of the World. One thing we can guarantee: you won't leave disappointed...or hungry!

Watch the sunset from Morro Garden

Breathtaking would be the best word to describe it. At least once in your lifetime, you should be able to watch this show of nature from this amazing viewpoint over Porto and the Douro banks, with a nice glass of wine in your hands.

Buy the whole Pérola do Bolhão (traditional grocery store)

This traditional grocery store displays a pretty Art Nouveau façade illustrating the Spice Route and unleashes Porto's soul. The atmosphere is incredible and you can find almost every single delicacy that comes to mind when we are talking about the city's gastronomy.

Visit Porto Wineries and go on a Port wine tasting tour

The wineries are obviously a not-to-miss attraction and the perfect way to discover how the famous Port wines are made. It's like stepping back through time and experiencing tradition with a tasting bonus. Get your guide here.

What to see in Porto

From the Old Porto to all the UNESCO-rated sites across town, there is so much to discover in this city! Portugal's second biggest metropole is bursting with culture and history.

Clérigos Tower

225 steps will lead you to the top of this unmissable monument and present you with a panoramic view over Porto. A baroque granite church that is one of the city's symbols and the tallest building in the historic centre. You can purchase a ticket here.

Serralves Museum and Gardens

Serralves is definitely a must-see museum, perfectly inserted in a park of beautiful natural landscapes. The modern building was designed by the famous Portuguese architect Álvaro de Siza Vieira and features a great variety of art exhibits that will feed your soul.

São Bento Station

One of the most beautiful train stations you will ever see! Azulejo ceramic tiles cover entire walls of this charming French Beaux-Arts structure, telling us the stories that built Portuguese History. Get your guide here.

Porto Cathedral

Perched on the top of a hill and looking over the city, this famous historical landmark offers you a glimpse into the old days. with a rich architecture that combines different styles.

Lello Bookstore

There is no way you can leave Porto without at least trying to visit this iconic place. Located in downtown Porto, this magical library was considered the most beautiful bookstore in the world.

From Porto to Lisbon

Looking to extend your trip in Portugal? Why not travel from Porto to Lisbon, where you’ll be able to relish the best pastéis de nata, visit the most amazing viewpoints (miradouros), and have a feel of the sunny cosmopolitan Portuguese capital.


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