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Where to stay in London

If you’re in the mood to party, you want to make sure you stay close to the fast pace of Soho and the West End. Either wealthy Kensington or the cool-conscious Hackney borough will deliver a more relaxed stay. For a more urban and in-town experience, give a chance to spirited Camden Town or the iconic Notting Hill. Hold these tips close to your heart and find the accommodation that best suits your travelling purposes.


Don’t fool yourself by the intimidating poshness of the European embassies and fancy Victorian buildings. This quiet area of the British capital is central and family-friendly. Square gardens, parks, and free admission museums will assure you and your offspring a good time. The Natural History Museum is a must see.

Camden Town

Goths, punks, and rockabillies mingle with tourists in the most eclectic neighbourhood. Famous for being noisy and quirky, Camden Market features unique sellers that will provide the best souvenirs. Grab a bite at a street food corner for a taste of the district’s multicultural diversity.

Notting Hill

There’s tons of charm in this relaxed neighbourhood, where you will find Brutalist architecture, Victorian townhouses, and colourful streets. The Portobello Road Market is perfect for bargain hunting. If spending time browsing through antiques and vintage clothing matches your idea of fun, this is the place.


In the northwest of the district, Stoke Newington is the place to be. This hipster hangout is where you’ll find the best pubs and the most unique indie and vintage shops. Clissold Park playgrounds and sports facilities are among the reasons ‘Stokey’ is considered one of the most livable places in all of London.


From buzzing nightclubs to fancy restaurants, you will find everything you need to experience London’s bohemia. Join the locals for a relaxation moment after working hours at The French House, where Dylan Thomas and Francis Bacon used to sip their drinks.

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Discover London

Bathed by the Thames, the capital of the United Kingdom is home to Her Majesty, the Queen, and to a diverse and multiethnic community that adds a great pinch of flavour to this magnificent metropolis. An ancient city with a history that goes back to the Roman era, London is open to novelty without compromising its character.

Hop on a double-decker bus or take advantage of a public transportation network that will lead you everywhere and bring everything much closer. Always bursting with activity, the British capital is a destination where the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

What to do in London

London is in constant mutation, but although dynamic is one of its trademarks, architecture and monuments vouch for the city’s historical legacy. Whichever is your cup of tea, the number of things to do is never-ending and will keep you returning repeatedly.

Watch the Changing of the Guard Ceremony at Buckingham Palace

Enjoy the Queen’s Guard marching to the sound of traditional songs and even some familiar pop tunes. Just make sure you grab a spot at the gates of the palace or on the steps of the Victoria Memorial. This sneak peek into Britain’s military pomp is free of charge.

Savour a delicacy at the Borough Market

In central London, by the London Bridge, what was once a wholesale market has now become a foodie’s paradise. Owners of refined taste will appreciate this encounter with gourmet food, exquisite baked goods, and high-quality ingredients – a treat to the senses!

Ride The London Eye

A trip on the London Eye is a must do in London. The iconic attraction is one of the tallest observation wheels in the world, meaning you truly have a beautiful bird's eye view of the city. Buy your ticket here and skip the line.

Cruise The Thames River

All aboard for a boat cruise that goes from Westminster to Greenwich. Take in the wonderful sights of London, including the Tower of London, from the deck and listen to an interesting audio commentary during the one-hour trip (return optional). You can purchase a ticket here.

Pick up a show at the West End

Whether you’re a musical enthusiast or a classical drama lover, there are plenty of acclaimed productions to choose from. Going to the theatre sure is a big thing, but you won’t regret making time to explore the surroundings of London’s well-known cultural hub.

What to see in London

There’s an awful lot to see in London, but these attractions from the city’s iconic postcard imagery are foolproof and always a pleasure to revisit.

Big Ben

You may have seen it on postcards, paintings, and movies, and we assure you it is just as majestic. The famous tower clock, with its neo-gothic instantly recognizable silhouette, is one of the city's landmarks.

Tate Museum

Tate Britain and Tate Modern are definitely worth a visit. If you’re on a budget, general admission to the collection is free. Embrace the privilege of wandering through centuries of the finest art from around the world.

Trafalgar Square

Named after the Trafalgar Battle, the square is guarded by four lions that impersonate Admiral Nelson’s bravery. Museums, monuments, and statues are among the many attractions you can find within walking distance.

Westminster Abbey

39 coronations and 17 royal weddings are part of the history of this place of worship, also a UNESCO World Heritage site. To ensure you make acquaintance with London’s most famous church you better book in advance.

National Gallery

It is impossible to mention this location without name-dropping some of the world’s greatest artists. Works by Botticelli, Van Gogh and Renoir hang on those walls. Indulge yourself in the magical experience of being face to face with a masterpiece.

Keep On Traveling

Looking to extend your trip to England? Why not travel from London to Bristol, the home of Banksy and a mandatory destination for all urban art lovers. Less hectic than London, but just as trendy, Bristol offers a wide range of fashionable shops, cafés, and venues. Don’t forget to cross the Clifton Suspension Bridge and be mesmerised by the Avon Gorge.


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